Awards & Certifications

Backed by a portfolio of stellar products and a well-established sales network, our export activities have made a mark on some of the toughest markets in the world. Our activities have been recognized and duly rewarded with special export awards from Capexil (An Export Promotion Council promoted by Ministry of Commerce) last Ten Years in a row.

Our activities have been certified to be in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standards by the JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System – Australia & New Zealand).

Supreme Moto – Customer satisfaction, has been at the fore of our activities since our inception. At Malhotra Rubbers, we identify the potential needs and requirements of customers & adapt our activities in accordance with them. We have consistently enhanced our product range to include a wide selection of tyre sizes and materials for diverse applications.

We regularly cater to clients in more than 80 countries around the world viz-a-viz U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Greece, Turkey, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, U.A.E, Kenya, Egypt, Mauritius, Syria, & Philippines to name a few.

OUR PASSION is to make continuous improvement in our products; to match world class standards in our product range to meet customers demands.


Malhotra Rubbers has consistently focused towards extensive R&D and technological innovation to develop products in response to customers’ needs thereby offering a compelling proposition

With an in-house Research and Development team, we have been able to pioneer innovative features in our product range. Unique tread patterns that improve tire grip & related innovations are only some of the improvements that have come as a result of intensive R&D activities. We are fully equipped to handle a variety of testing procedures. Rheo-meters, Viscometers, and Universal Tensile Testing Machines are among the advanced testing equipment we possess to carry out the testing of incoming raw materials in the process testing of rubber. We also have dynamic test laboratory facilities where Tyres are subjected to complex testing procedures such as destructive testing for plunger Energy and Endurance Testing.

Besides, In-House Testing, MALHOTRA RUBBERS regularly conducts tests under International Regulations outside India as well, which further assures the confidence R&D Team puts in each product.


To boost our selection range that consists primarily of Bias tyres, we are investing heavily in machinery for manufacturing Radial Tyres. The technologies for the same have been directly imported from leading specialist in the USA and more is being imported from EUROPE & CHINA.


Since 1984, Malhotra Rubbers Ltd. has adopted a single-minded approach to business – “Aim to produce world-class products for our customers that satisfy all their requirements”. We seek to remain at the forefront of changing times by nurturing existing technologies while injecting new vigor through promising new technologies.

With an increasing global demand for tyres, keeping pace with dynamic market demands requires intensive research & development initiatives. Through the dedicated efforts of our R&D department & the use of advanced manufacturing & process control equipment, we have sustained our leading status in the marketplace.

We have constantly upgraded & modernized our product range to acquire a competitive edge in the global market thereby increased our stature as an International manufacturing and marketing enterprise

MRL has through the years earned an impeccable reputation for excellence in quality, reliability and service, and today ranks as a leading supplier of quality tyres not just in India but also world-wide.

Our rigid quality control ensures that every single TYRE that leaves our factory is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to give optimum performance for the application for which it was made.

Consistent cost management in all business areas is one of the major elements governing our success. Our Tyre production volume has increased at an average of 22% for the past 10 years and to further boost this growth average, we are already in the process of establishing new plants in the near future.

Over the years, we have through our dedication to quality & commitment to customer satisfaction managed to cover a considerable percentage of the Indian market for our products.

We are well equipped with excellent technical facilities and advanced machineries at our plants to process and meet customer requirements on an efficient basis. Our products are manufactured from high quality imported AUTOMATED MACHINERY, to ensure that there is no compromise on our quality.

At MRL, Advanced engineering and latest technologies go hand in hand in ensuring precise product placement & product uniformity. With advanced tread design & use of sophisticated rubber compounds we achieve a universal look in our tyres.

Our key focus in product technology has been on achieving low rolling resistance, to reduce fuel consumption, while optimizing abrasion properties to achieve improved traction & increase life-spans. Today, our efforts are not just centered on production efficiency and quality improvement, but also on saving energy and improving the environment.

Today it comes as no surprise that MRL dealers take pride in selling our products that come with the guarantee of quality workmanship, proven reliability, excellent responsiveness, and outstanding value.