Retreading products

Hot Tread

Increased scorch safety to maximize shelf life. Different compounds available for different uses including (Truck, Tractor and OTR). Available in customer specified size.

Cord Ply

Cord Ply is high tensile nylon rubberized fabric used for repairing the carcass of the tyre & making of new tyre patches & other automobile component for reinforcing.

Bonding Gum (Fast Cure)

Available for 99C, 125C and 150C operations. Our gum is made from 100% natural rubber to increase tack. Available in customer specified size also. Different types of Gum are available for both Procures and Hot process. Can be used to fill nail hole and repair injured parts of casing. Available in 5kg packing.

Cushion (Hot Process)

Repair Compound for Industrial and Agricultural use also.

Black Vulcanising Solution

Available as Thicker in 25 liter and Ready to use solution in 30 liters. Compatible with both procured and hot process.

Precured Treads

Malhotra Tread Patterns are made from rich and high mileage compound composition. Our tread is accepted on all kind of Roads and Terrains.